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Hello Ian and Judy,

I am happy to hear that your D60 is working well. When I purchased
my SM#266, the D60 had about 300 hours on it. What kind of service
or maintanence it had recieved before I have no idea. As part of
the survey when we bought the boat we had a watermaker company in
Ft. Lauderdale come to the boat and test it. The tech was a great
guy and "knew his stuff. He ended up taking the unit out and bench
testing it at his shop. He said the membranes has been damaged by
clorine, and they were flowing on the bench at about 20-25 LPH. We
elected to change the membranes and with the new membranes installed
the unit flowed on the bench at 37 LPH. On the boat we get about 30
LPH. We of course changed the inflow filter and all valves are open
fully. Please understand the D60 on WORLD CITIZEN works fine, we
would like to have a greater rate of product water. I have nothing
against Desalator at all, in fact we are looking into replacing it
with the larger unit in Guadalupe in a week or two.

Thanks for your input, and I am glad you are getting the production
out of yours!!!


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Hi Tony, Are we the only ones with an effective D60? Our SM, 302,
is 6
years old and we didnt use the W-M for the first 4 years. Now we
have 1,300+
hours on it and it regularly delivers 45-60lph. The cold waters of
made surprisingly little difference to outflow.We have pickled it
twice in
the last three years once for 7 months, once for 5. So far we are
on course
for the 2,000 hours that these membranes apparently can deliver,
though it
does seem that each set of membranes has a behaviour of its own.
to all those readers who find the W-M topic boring ,but speaking
as someone
who is not technical and who is far away from yottie support
services I have
to say that I find all the technical issues raised on the site to
absolutly invaluable.Ian and Judy Jenkins, Pen Azen, Uruguay.

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