Re: Would you buy all electric no diesel Amel?

Douglas E Knapp DEK

Thanks for that link.

Main benefits would be to reduce or eliminate dependency on diesel fuel. This would both increase range and reduce dependency on good ports of call and reduce the price of running. Totally silent running would be nice too without fumes. I am also a person that loves nature and I hate seeing what we are doing to it in the name of getting more oil. Also at some point the oil will run out. It is just a matter of balancing tech with practicality and price. Solar is on the edge of becoming better than oil for cars and ships. 

If  we could even double the range of the ship (without sail) then that would be a huge benefit. New bottom coats that are being developed may also double range and eliminate toxic bottom paint. I would be happy to just loose the toxic paint.

Here is a pdf about it.
Douglas E Knapp, MSAOM, LAc.

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