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May I suggest that you consider just adding reflective tape to the center of the rub rail. It comes in rolls and fits perfectly. Now when I dinghy back to the boat after too many rum zwizzles, I can easily find the boat (and others can avoid it).  I also add strips to the boom and mast. You can buy it at most hardware stores.


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I took the liberty to change the Subject since the discussion is changing its way.


When we re-painted our rail, we bought self adhesive metal strips from a company that makes advertising boards for outside use. The company also made signs for boats.

We have had in place for a year now, and it still looks as new. So there is no reason to mount a stainless steel stripe and drill holes that could cause leakage.



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I have posted to the photos section a picture of the stainless steel insert in the Red Line rub rail.  As you should be able to see, there are screws every foot or so.  I do not know about additional fixatives such as glue, etc.  Perhaps Joel or Olivier can shed some light on that.



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