Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel Maramu Electrical Compliance - New Zealand / Australia

David Pawley

I am not a Amel expert. But am Marine Engineer,ship practice is quite different to land installation the star point or negative is never connected to ships hull, main reason was that if a ground fault occurred in critical equipment at a inconvenient time (Think steering gear failure when going through heads) It did not cause failure of that gear. Circulating currents in a hull is also not a good idea with regard to Hull corrosion.
Ships & large yachts have systems in place to check for earth leakage and must be corrected pronto as another fault on a return path or phase would definitely be a issue with vessel or personal safety. It largely does away with the need for RCD devise, but not legislation. To incorporate those is a little more complex. It can be done by a good Marine Electrician but think better to try others suggestions.
Hope that helps.

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