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Ian Shepherd

Hi Bill and Aty,

thank you for your swift response. You were right Bill. Two 30 mf caps wired in parallel. All the markings had disappeared off mine so your info and pictures allowed me to quickly visit a great little shop down a back alley in Marmaris that had exactly what I needed. The pump now runs faster and pressure is mid green band without the knocking noise that was there before. It's been running for an hour now with no signs of a shut down.

I had the old capacitors tested. One measured 20 mf and the other 24 mf, so I was about 27% down on capacity.

Aty I don't know why your capacitor sizes are so different. Maybe a different motor?

Now the cooling fan in the 100 amp battery charger has failed (not for the first time) and the gas struts suddenly decided to give up, so tomorrow is not a free day after all!

Bill I had brown tinted windows fitted to the dodger which look really super and which are great to look out through. No need to wear sunglasses any more. I also had a new cockpit bimini made which is vastly better that the original design. The front frame was extended 7 cms upwards allowing for a full width opening panel that allows a great view of the sails plus allowing a great through breeze that transforms the comfort level. You can actually stand at the wheel whilst helming. It actually feels like sailing again!

I also bought a 650 VA UPS from MediaMarkt for just €41 which now permits uninterrupted TV viewing when shutting down the genset and going to inverter AC.

Best wishes

Ian Shepherd Amel SM2K 414 Crusader Marmaris Turkey

On 06/10/2015 11:59, Ian Shepherd sv_freespirit@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

Does anyone please know the size of the two capacitors on the high
pressure AC pump motor fitted to the 160 l/h water maker? My motor is
running very hot and after about 40 minutes the circuit breaker trips. I
suspect the motor is running slow with reduced fan cooling, as I only am
just able to reach the green range on the HP pressure gauge. Maybe the
run capacitor needs changing.

Bill, maybe you know the size as I believe you have changed most of your

Ian Shepherd Amel sm2K 414 Crusader Marmaris Turkey

Ian Shepherd SM2K Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus

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