Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] New to the group, also, looking for a Super Maramu 2K.

James Studdart

Thanks Jean-Pierre. We have been in touch with Pierre-Andre Jeanne about a couple of yachts. He was great to deal with and very helpful. I have a feeling I'll be flying all over Europe in December!

If I remember rightly, you did a near complete refit on Eleuthera? Did you do the work yourself or hire it out? Possibly Karin Team? How did you find the process? We've got two young children, so although I'd be happy to do a refit I don't think we could in any reasonable amount of time.


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Hi James,

We bought Eleuthera through Michel but there ia another top notch Amel broker named Pierre Andre Jeanne.  

Don’t count him out

Kind regards,

Jean-Pierre Germain,
SY Eleuthera, Amel Super Maramu 007

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Hi all,

 My wife and I (James & Chloe) are new to the group. Well, sort of, I have actually been lurking for awhile absorbing huge amounts of useful info on keeping these yachts in great shape. Thank you all! And, with some luck, hopefully we'll be thanking you all again as we inevitably fix a "new to us" SM.

On this note, we are looking for a Amel SM2K. Likely an earlier one (1999-2002) due to our budget. I am in touch with both Michel and Joel. We are mainly interested in yachts in Europe, so sadly that leaves Joel out a bit.

We have scoured the yachts on Yachtworld many many times. At the moment we are in Los Angeles packing up land life, so it's been hard to to visit them personally. That changes next month. So if you personally know of a well cared for SM2K please let me know: james dot studdart at gmail dot com. I hope this sort of request is okay with the group.

Many thanks and we hope to bump into some of you out there. We already owe a few of you a beer at the very least.



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