Re: New to the group, also, looking for a Super Maramu 2K.

Paul Osterberg


We bought our SM 2k this February, and before that we saw 7 SM, over Europe, whereof we actually made offer to three of them as they were in good condition and reasonable value for money compared with other SM for sale.

So of the three one is still unsold it’s not a 2k, but 1994 (SM named TROY) with new engine, genset, instrument etc, and in VERY good condition, owned by a former merchant ship captain of the “old school “. I would say the ship is in very good order, and the one who buy that will have a few years of trouble free voyaging. So why did I not bought it? Two reason:

 EU VAT not paid so I had to add that to the price and it would be on the expensive side but also a little bit cumbersome to sort out. And I found the one I bought in the meantime and did not pursue the negotiation

The one I finally purchased come at a real bargain, so even if I had to spend some money to put it into the equipment level and shape of my comfort it’s was still the best deal.

I recommend you to look at Troy in Turkey, it’s sold through Emek Marine, it’s worth to go there just to meet the owner, a very nice retired merchant ships captain who crossed the Atlantic alone with his SM. Now at the age of 77 he is looking to trade up to an Amel 54!!! For a second voyage “over there” I really hope I’m in the same shape as he is now when I’m 77

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259




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