Judy Rouse

We had requested that Shade Tree duplicate the order that they had
produced for Ed Steele, SM2 #331. The 3 awnings that we received
are each slightly off in measurements and do not fit our boat
correctly. The bow section is not long enough so it does not cover
the bow area completely; the mid and aft sections are slightly too
long and there is no way to adjust them so that they will not rub on
the stays and shrouds. We are concerned that the fore and aft edges
of each awning section will rub through in a short time.

We also saw Shade Tree awnings on another Super Maramu 2000 when we
were in St. Thomas in May, named Bel Ami. Those awnings fit the
boat perfectly, with slots cut to fit around the stays and shrouds.
Unfortunately, Shade Tree has no record of having produced those

We are pleased with the way the Shade Tree awnings work, just not
happy with the fit. Point is, measure your boat before you place an
order; don't make the mistake we did and assume that they can
duplicate a previous order and that those awnings will fit your
particular boat.

Also, we have found that these awnings can stay in place during 25
kt winds just find when at anchor when you will swing with the wind;
but we found that we had to remove them when the winds reached 20
kts while we were docked in a marina because they were acting like
sails as the wind came over our forward quarter.

Judy Rouse
S/V Security
SM2 #387

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We bought awnings from Shadetree (see for our
Maramu #331. We bought three sections to cover the foredeck, main
and mizzen deck although we do not use the foredeck shade very
The shades make a huge difference to the comfort level aboard and
survived several good blows without damage. They only take a few
minutes to deploy and strike and we have been pleased with the
BTW we went with the silver color (white underside).
Ed Steele
SV DoodleBug #331

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