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David Pawley

In a vessel that has equipment in good order, no problem to bonded neutral. But I don't know anybody who does the required tests to insure Resistance on AC equipment stays high (in my opinion Refrig and heating elements are notorious leakers) . Earth lamps are overkill but good idea for a metal boat.

I would have pointed out that ships have isolated earths. Yachts should be treated similarly to ships rather than land installation.

I worked in Marine environment many years.

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Thanks Olivier,

I think the reasons some vessels have passed and others haven't are:
1. variability among inspectors
2. whether the boat is a temporary import (just visiting) or a permanent import (and therefore fully subject to NZ regulations)
BUT, the question remains, should we connect the neutral to ground at the generator or not?
There don't seem to be any galvanic or electrolytic reasons not to, and if it is that way on the 55 and 64, for safety reasons, it's hard to reason not to do it on a Maramu, although I agree it would be quite difficult to be electrocuted with the current setup.
Elyse SM437

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