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Warren Traill

Thanks Robert. I have a 1980 Sharki that has a running backstay to a winch at the mizzen mast. I have wondered why and what it was there for. You have suggested a very valid reason. I would love to see the pics.

Warren Traill
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Dear all, I own a 55 and the rig is similar and I have two running back stays for when the staysail only is being used to stop the mast flexing/shuddering bending forward at this spreader point. I'm not sure if earlier boats have this. I have noticed through this blog on older boats that  54, M and SM issues seem to have been addressed incrementally in my boat. We all agree an abnormal rear pressure or vibration will cause such cracking so my question is do earlier Amels have a running back stay from this spreader point. Mine is a quite thick black rope normally tied to the spreader deck stays.  I run this through the rear deck pulley and onto the Genoa track winch so when tacking into sharp seas with a bit of pounding on staysai. It really does reduce the main mast flex and vibration.

I have pics of this setup if anyone is interested.

Robert Grey
Renaissance 3 A55 #25

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