Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Spreader cracks


Dear jamie,
the place of the crack that you are indicating was clearly my assumption when I looked at your photos. This is why I recommended you to check if your spreader is in the plan formed by the mast and the bottom of the cap shroud. You can see it if you look your capshroud in the direction of the masthead, from the quay if the boat is alongside, or from your tender in the water. You can try to compare your situation the photo number 2 of this link which shows a very good plan including mast, spreaders and shroud. No forward/rearward tilt in the shroud.


I apologise if I am a bit boring but if your spreader is not in this plan, the more angle on the sroud at the level of the spreader you have the more forward or rearward bending moment on the foot of the spreader which induces tis typical kind of crack.
The articulation of the spreader, by design, can accomodate any vertical misriggng of the spreader tip but none in the X axis of the boat.
The looseness of the rigging can not cause this kind of damage. It can only introduce shocks in the compression on the spreader which would induce another type of damage.

The only certain and quite simple method to check whether your spreader has been damaged is crack detection with Liquid Penetrant Testing. It consists in removing paint very locally, spraying a coloured penetrant, removing it from the surface and spraying a white powder . If there is a crack, the penetrant will reappear on the white powder. Your issue will be to find a specialist to make this because precautions have to be taken during the process and it requires some experience to be valid. It is used in aluminium boat building or repair.
 Hope it helps

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