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Am on the verge of buying a SM, if nothing else the design of the
boat has sold me, it is amazing; they seem to have thought of
Amel has an option that I have on my boat that is a fresh air
circulating system. Basically it consists of a fan sucking air from
the outside and distributing troughout all the cabins. Of course Amel
has figured out how to keep all the cabins watertight. I have not
sailed the boat in the tropics yet. I hope to do that soon. But,from
what I understand the ventilation is good. You can increase
ventilation to the aft cabin by closing the hatch. If you have
further questions please contact me

The only area that I wonder about is ventillation. Oddly there are
no dorades, only a few opening hatches and ports. Having sailed on
Halberg Rassey where opeing ports and hatcjes are numerous I am
really wondering what ventillation is like on the SM.

How do you get good ventillation in the vessel when at sea or in
weather when hatches cannot be open?

What is ventillation like on a SM at achor? I am working on the
premise that I would not want to rely upon the AC except in
exceptional circumstances.

Is it a common modification to have additional opeing ports or
dorades fitted?


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