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What is the size of the breaker?

I would check the size of the breaker and measure the amp load. 

Just guessing the load:
2 Reverse Cycle Cooling/Heating units 10 amps
Water Heater 3 amps
Battery charger 3 amps
Total: 16 amps

The breaker might be 25-30 amps and weak and need replacing...


The heating element in the water heater has developed a pinhole and is causing the breaker which is probably a ground fault breaker to open. The heating element in your water heater has a life of about 3-5 years before this pin-hole will develop. When you buy the heating element, be sure to buy a gasket, or be prepared to make one.

Hope this helps you.

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Hi Everyone - 

Just wanted some input on a shore power problem I have been experiencing... While running heat (2 out of 3 units) and the hot water heater at the same time my 220v breaker has been tripping in the engine room. If I run just the heat no problems at all but about 15-20 mins after turning the H2O heater on at the same time the breaker will trip itself on occasion. Nothing seems out of the ordinary or hot. Suggestions? 

Bill M

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It's all Good 

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