Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Would you buy all electric no diesel Amel?

Douglas E Knapp DEK

So, first of all, I am not going to kill (not that swapping out a motor is killing it anyway) a wonderful Amel ship without a gaining a big advantage. At this point it is an interesting thought experiment only. 

It is true that oil has a high energy density but it can also be quite hard to get at some ports and costs a lot at others. We are often looking at over 1000$ just to tank up. It also runs out as we don't have huge tanks on the ship.

Mr. Bill Rouse, I think he might have made one had the tech been good enough during his life but it was not. It is only in the last few years that motors, batteries and solar panels have improved enough to even be considered. I feel that he would have build one, if it improved the capabilities of his design.

I can't make a champagne maker but how about a bubbly water maker and an alcohol still? Or carbonated water and wine? Would that do?

The basics of the idea are simple loose the diesel engine, tank (or just reduce it for a hybrid design) and lead batteries and add the solar panels, the motor and light battery. It is not like you are doing any real damage to the ship. It could all be put back without to much work. Might need to find some low wattage appliances or lose others.

Douglas E Knapp, MSAOM, LAc.

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