Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Would you buy all electric no diesel Amel?

Douglas E Knapp DEK

This has to be one of the worst and most unfriendly emails I have ever received on ANY list.
You should be proud of yourself.

I in fact do not own an Amel yet. I am looking into buying one. It is my dream.

Ya, I studied TCM. It has nothing to do with anything here. It is just my default signature on every email I send out to anyone. It is my official title, it IS part of my name. Sorry you don't like it. As for advertising, what do you think the chances are that someone here on this list lives close to me and will become my pt? I can tell you right now that I have a better chance of winning the lotto that I don't buy.

I have been dreaming of putting in an electric motor on a super maramu. That is why I posted here. As I said, it is a thought experiment. It is a bit beyond me why you find this so offensive. I also wish to to thank those that were involved in that thread. I learned a lot! As you pointed out by my title, I don't sell or make anything to do with boats.

And a last thought, I did help someone here by posting about their lighting problem.  Just because I don't own does not mean I can't help.

I am also here to learn.

As far as reviewing my application? That is just plain nuts. If admin does not like a post then they can remove it and send me a warning email. I would be shocked if these things happened.

I truly hope you are on a normal Amel owner!


PS I am sorry the rest of you have to read this post. I find it quite objectionable but you can't let negative PR like this go unchallenged.

Douglas E Knapp, MSAOM, LAc.

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