Amel Sconces


So I dropped my Amel sconces off at Baltimore Brass Works for re-furbishment.  The lamps are incandescent and I am thinking of converting them to LED>

Small one are BA15D and the large sconce is a BA25D (15 & 25mm respectively).  The BA15D LED bulbs are easy to get. I'm hoping warm white works. The BA25D is another story.  I can keep the incandescent bulb, if I have to, but I hoping if anyone knew where I can get a BA25D LED bulb.

The other option is to change out the socket.  

The lamps are to be re-wired, polished and re-lacquered.  So anyone have any ideas as to what to replace it with?  I was thinking possibly an E14 type socket (Edison screw type socket 14mm).  I have about 1 1/8" diameter to work with 



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