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Stephen Davis


We have the small triangle of sail for our mizzen and main as suggested by Bill. It was inexpensive, and cuts down on most of the noise.

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I take a long thicker line and tie it to the Main halyard swivel.

I raise the halyard to the top of the mast and furl it standing as far aft as possible.

This wraps the foil in a heavy line and acts as a bumper.

I then tie it off to the boom putting a little tension on it.

It works great.

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You can have any sailloft make you a triangle with about 1 meter on each side...have a "sail boltrope" attached to one side and grommets in each of the 3 corners.

Connect the main halyard to the top corner, a spare line to the other two corners. hoist this with the main halyard about half way up...furl it into the mast...tightly tie off the other two lines.



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Hi Aldo,
twist a rope inside ( from the top) and fix/tension a short line/rope, as high as possible, from foil to boom.
Giovanni TESTA

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We are taking main down for winter storage and foils is banging loudly and furiously inside the mainmast hollow. Any suggestions on how to minimize noise and wear and tear? Thank you all




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