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Patrick McAneny

Ric, I assume while you are producing electric from the alternator ,it is inducing more drag than the prop freewheeling not producing electric. If you are saying that I did not need to remove it , just not turn the key and engage it , I agree. I did not intend to use it and the alt. needed to be rebuilt so I removed it. It can quickly be back in business if someone ever wants to use it, its a slick idea. If I had not gone solar, I would have used it.
Thanks, Pat

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Pat, There isn’t any reason to disconnect the shaft driven alternator. You must have a fixed prop and that is free wheeling, hence no more drag than the prop. Mine is set so that the ignition key must be removed and inserted in the shaft alternator switch. This is to prevent charging the batteries from two sources. Works great.
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Dear Pat
Thats new for me . You even get some Amps at Night from your Kyrocera Solar Panels ??
May I ask you a question? Where do you sail? In the nordic ?
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I have a shaft driven alternator on my SM ,I disconnected it when I installed three 140 watt Kyrocera solar panels and a wind gen., before we sailed to the Caribbean . I felt I would not need it, and I did not, and did not want the drag . In six months ,I do not remember ever starting the genset  to charge the batteries , only to run the watermaker or washing machine. We had one fridge one freezer lights ,tv. ,etc. and never did the batteries need charging . The solar panels produced far more power than the wind generator ,although at night it did contribute some amps.
Pat SM #123
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We crossed the Atlantic in January. The battery bank was 100% when we started and remained 100% until we got to Barbados, all due to Henri fitting a prop shaft alternator on the Santorin. But when we anchor we rely on our solar panels to keep the fridge running.
I would agree that solar us the way to go unless your boat already has a water powered generation system.


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