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Hi Vetus makes adapters that will allow you to change hose size. They are gray PVC and cover a range of sizes. 

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I purchased a new bilge pump from Reya. The new pump shipped with different size hose barbs than the original pump. It shipped with 1 ¼” Barbed × 1” Male NPT Threaded. The barb end is too big for the existing hose. I purchase the next size down 1” Barbed × 1” Male NPT. This is too small for the existing hose. Does anyone know where I can source a 1” Male NPT to 1 1/8” hose barb / 28mm? All I can find is 1” or 11/4” hose barbs. There does not seem to be a size in-between.


I could take the barbs off the original pump but I was hoping to rebuild it as keep it as a spare (it just needs new bearings). Also, the adaptors appeared to be glued in. Most likely I will damage them if I try to remove.



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