Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] SM 2000 #240 holding tank copper pipe/tube blockage

Steve Leeds

Hi Gary,
I use PB Blaster (Blaster) on boats that are on the hard. I stuff a rag into the thru hull fitting from the outside to protect the bottom paint and spray the Blaster into the top of the ball valve with the valve closed and allow to soak overnight. In the morning I work the valve a little but not enough to allow the Blaster to drain out until I am satisfied with the results. Usually one day will free the valve. I have also found the Blaster eats the crust from the tubing of the valve (with a little help from a screwdriver). If the valve is frozen open, the same trick works, although it requires more Blaster.

In a rare emergency I have sprayed a bit of Blaster into a frozen thru hull while in the water, the Blaster floating on the top of the water inside the fitting. It is obviously not an environmentally sound practice, but we are talking about very small quantities.

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121
Circumnavigator's Yacht Service
Fort Lauderdale, Fl

amelliahona <> wrote:
Hi Steve:

Regarding your use of the PB Blaster product, I looked on the PB Blaster web site to see what
was in their PB Blaster Penetrating Fluid. While I have used vinegar to good effect I am always
open to a new product. However, my only concern is the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
specification "Do not mix with water". Do you use this while the boat is on the hard? How
exactly did you apply it to your thru hull valve?


Gary Silver s/v Liahona Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

The buildup is caused by urine and not seawater. Very complete flushing and occasional
use of vinegar will reduce buildup. The penetrating fluid "PB Blaster" will help free stiff thru
hull fittings.

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121
Circumnavigator's Yacht Service

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