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You might want to give Dessalator in the south of France a call. The woman who deals with repairs/parts/service enquiries speaks perfect english. She will put you in touch with their technician - a south african who lives in Spain. This all sounds a bit convoluted, but I had a problem with my unit and he helped me diagnose a failed pulley on my HP pump. I then ordered the part and the technician talked me through fitting it myself - all on Skype so the call cost was next to nothing.

Hope this helps,

Tony Robinson - Catriona R, Amel 54 #102

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dessalator Service Agent Norfolk VA

Hi All, 

Anybody knows a good service agent for dessalator in the Norfolk VA area? 

My dessalator unit decided to call it quits. Nothing will start. Changed capacitors etc. all to no effect so now need a professional to look at. Called the USA agent in Portland ME but no recommendation from him. 

Thanks, Ron.
SY Lily Amel 54 # 157

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