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Hi Pat, 30 years ago I put a solar panel on my then 30 foot yacht. At anchor in moonlight it produced enough current to make the bulb in a circuit tester light glow softly. 
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Hanspeter, Please read my post again, slowly. I stated that I had a wind generator and that it contributed some amps at night. Do not be so eager to point out other's perceived  errors, for haste can lead you to err .
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Dear Pat
Thats new for me . You even get some Amps at Night from your Kyrocera Solar Panels ??
May I ask you a question? Where do you sail? In the nordic ?
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I have a shaft driven alternator on my SM ,I disconnected it when I installed three 140 watt Kyrocera solar panels and a wind gen., before we sailed to the Caribbean . I felt I would not need it, and I did not, and did not want the drag . In six months ,I do not remember ever starting the genset  to charge the batteries , only to run the watermaker or washing machine. We had one fridge one freezer lights ,tv. ,etc. and never did the batteries need charging . The solar panels produced far more power than the wind generator ,although at night it did contribute some amps.
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We crossed the Atlantic in January. The battery bank was 100% when we started and remained 100% until we got to Barbados, all due to Henri fitting a prop shaft alternator on the Santorin. But when we anchor we rely on our solar panels to keep the fridge running.
I would agree that solar us the way to go unless your boat already has a water powered generation system.


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