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Where are you keeping the boat? Are you a local. I dont know seven seas, but vosbury and bay shore are pretty good. One other choice is chris oliver of portside marina. He works on perkins and volvos. Has been my go to guy for 10 years. Call me if I can be of further help. 
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Hello all, as a new Amel 54 owner (Phantom - ex Bozo Cinq) I would like to see if anyone out there can give me advice on the Volvo Penta D3-110 engine on my Amel 54. It seems in good condition and has about 2,400 hours on it.

I bought the boat in June and the engine ran well for the 4-day passage from Florida to Maryland. After I arrived in Annapolis it would not start again, and no one has been able to determine the problem since then. It has not started since I arrived, now nearly 4 months, and there are no error codes on the engine display.

I am about at the end of my rope.........

Here's a recap of the history:

I had a local Volvo "dealer" Dick Vosbury look at the engine in mid July, and they told me I had a "bad" fuel pump, since the pump was not pressurizing the common rail. It seemed like a logical answer to the problem, since there were no diagnostic error codes on the displays, and I consulted a local engine shop (Bay Shore) who sent the "defective" pump out to a fuel service shop for evaluation. They came back and said they would have to exchange it, since it could not be serviced (I asked them to test it first, but I think now in hindsight they just replaced it). Anyway, I bought a new one ($1,600 - ouch!) and installed it. I also had them service all the injectors (another $700), since I already had the valve cover off with the injectors removed for inspection.

After putting everything back together with the new pump, I tried to start again - no go - same good crank but no fire. I then called in Seven Seas (another Volvo Penta "dealer") - Vosbury gave up and told me they were too busy to help me again - ever. I think they just wanted to sell me the new pump.

The service guy from Seven Seas has now been here 3 times with no success. The first time, he saw the same pump issue that Vosbury found. The rail is not getting pressurized. He told me I probably had a bad replacement pump, so I sent it back to the testing folks, who in turn sent it to Bosch. Bosch came back telling us the pump is good.

Seven Seas came out again last week and ran some more tests. He again confirmed that the pump is not pressurizing the rail and tested the ECU signal and the MPROP metering valve attached to the pump. The MPROP is showing a de-energized resistance of 20 ohms, whereas the specs call for 2 ohms. He also told me that the ECU is not sending a voltage signal to the MROP to energize while cranking. He then reportedly contacted "Volvo" (whoever they are?) and they suggested it might be a "bad" ECU. There was no answer on the MPROP test.

I initially believed that the ECU might be the issue, as it seems to be not telling the MPROP to energize the pump during crank, but I still do not understand why there are no diagnostic codes reporting a problem. Regardless, I authorized them to get a new ECU (another $4,000), which they did. Yesterday they brought out and installed the new ECU. It made no difference - the engine still will not start, and at this point there are no answers or even clues. Seven Seas told me they would go back to Volvo for more ideas (or more likely experiments).

Frankly, none of these Volvo Penta dealers know much about the engine, and I really feel as if they have been just fishing here. I have spent more that $7K chasing theories from "Volvo."  I have never talked with any of these "Volvo" folks and no one will give me a good contact to call. They all say they cannot give out telephone numbers or they will get in trouble. In my opinion what I need is a real Volvo Penta Factory Representative who knows this engine and can fix it for real. No more testing and wild goose chases..........I wish I could get the computer code that the ECU uses to control the engine. Unfortunately, that seems to be top-secret information.

I would surely appreciate any advice anyone out there in Amel Land might be able to give me. I have tried nearly everything and gotten nowhere. I am out of options - and "test" money.

A new engine might have been the right move all along..........

Jamie Wendell
Amel 54, Phantom

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