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Barry Connor

Hi Guys,My first posting since joining.Received this regarding Galvanic Isolator.Also looked at SafeShore Marine, direct UK manufacturer go Galvanic Isolators. They have a good explanation in a You Tube video.Hopes this helps.RegardsBarry and Penny ConnorAmel 54 "Lady Penelope II"Marseille On Monday, October 26, 2015 1:12 PM, Vetus <vetus@...> wrote:

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Bill LampardMEC Marine Limited  Willow MarinaWillow LaneWargraveBerkshireRG10 8LH  TEL: +44 (0)118 940 1141    FAX: +44 (0)118 940 1142    WEB: www.mecmarine.co.uk    

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