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thank you joel. that is as relief. did you get the photos for the bow anchor? tell vela hi for me. Peter

"Joel F. Potter" <> wrote: Hi Peter,

I can promise you, with 99% certainty, that your headsail
furler gearbox is not leaking. The seal is on the top of
the casting and seldom fail.

When a new AMEL is rigged for the first time, the
cylindrical roller furling extrusion that the sail is
hoisted in is packed with heavy grease on the inside. It is
very normal for this grease to drip out over time,
especially in hot weather. Just wipe it up. It does leave
a nasty mess.

When the boat is about ten years old, all the grease will be
gone (in semi tropical conditions) which is a clue to take
the entire rig down for service and an intense inspection.
I recommend taking the rig down at least once every ten
years but once every 5-6 is actually better and safer.

The previous owner of your boat was fastidious in his
maintenance so there was no evidence of this grease until

I bet it's hot where you keep the boat.

My best advise to you about awnings is to look at EVERY set
of awnings you can. Ask questions about how easy they are
to set up and remove, how effective they are, and what winds
they can endure. When you are sure you have found an awning
set-up you can live with, go to that canvas shop.

I have found the best shops for this are in Antigua.

Gently, it is almost impossible to get a good set of awnings
from anyone on the first try. Better that yours are the
tenth or twentieth evolution.

Vela and I will be in Sheridan, Wyoming over the weekend for
a new AMEL 54 contract. We will wave as we fly over you!

All the best,
Joel Potter,
AMEL 54 # 14 "HOLLIS"

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