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The fishfinder transponder needs to be located more or less forward
of the keel and pointing straight down rather than perpendicular to
the shape of the hull (otherwise the depth inaccuracy due to the
offset can be quite material). Being a single skin hull, even though
quite thick, the reception of signal is quite clear, so a thru-hull
may not be necessary. If mounted internally, the transponder needs to
be glued to the hull with a rigid compound like epoxy, not a flexible
material which would absorb signal. Before, gluing, test the position
by placing the transponder in water, and we found that a plastic bag
filled with water and placed over the top of it worked well.

Regards, Roger, Zorba, Mango 28

On 02/08/2006, at 12:43 PM, pjppappas wrote:

I am installing a fish finder for my nav net sytstem aboard Callisto
SM 2000 #369. I need to install an addtional through hull for the
sounder. Does anyone know the best location for the fish finder
sounder. thands Peter Pappas Ensenada Mexico

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