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We have been sailing activly on both sides of the Atlantic and agree regarding weather forecast problems in the Med. First of all, due to lots of formal and less legal activities Navtex is a good tool to keep track of maritime info published. Its in frequent but a good sources, weather forecast differs a lot in different Navtex  areas so not to be the only source. 
Regarding App based or grib based weather forecast we found Predict Wind reliable close to islands/shore, especially when you have big variations in altitude of mountains. We use and their Gribview high resolution forecasts that so far prooved to be one of the most relyable sources, we pay for a subsription. Othervise trying to access local national weatherservices is a good local source. 

But the major rule of ours from weather forecast point of view is to check every day even if it the weather seems stable. The stability of wind direction and speed that is found in the East Caribbean is hard to find in the Med. 

The wind phenomas like the Mistral, the Bora, Meltimi etc. are all pretty well communicated in the forecast so they not usually show up without a previous warning been sent out. 

Good luck and enjoy the Med. its a wonderful cruising ground.


Ann-Sofie and Jonas

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We have successfully used weather tools such as PredictWind, zyGrib, Windyty, Passage Weather, Mailasail, the NOAA automated e-mail reply service, etc. on both sides of the Atlantic for a couple of years now.

As we approach Gibraltar to spend a season or two in the Mediterranean, we have observed significant more variability than we used to.  A fellow Amel cruiser who just left the Med after a few seasons recently remarked to us that due to the weird katabatic interactions and complex geography there, gribs become less useful, and that the local Navtex forecast, instead, is the outlook to be relied upon.

Sure one can get the same by listening to the VHF, and some versions via internet, but both are inconvenient and time-consuming, and the VHF transmissions, even in languages we know, can be hard to decipher.

So, we wanted to see if people have a Navtex in their Amel, and if they figure it is worth it.  We are looking at the Furuno NX-300.  It comes with a little mushroom antenna we might consider surface-mounting on deck.

Thanks in advance,

s.v. Peregrinus
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