Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sourcing Laundry

cluecker <cluecker@...>

Hi Ken,
Yes, that's exactly what happened. I had the thing apart once,
fairly early on, and noticed there was water leaking down onto the
main drum bearings from the dryer heating element passage. I tried
to seal off the offending joints in the duct work, but to no
avail.... We have had the machine pulled and worked on by a local
guy here in New Zealand (we're living in Invercargill, the boat is
in Nelson), and even ordered the parts from Amel, but ran into a
glitch when they only sent one drum bearing instead of two. If we
install the second bearing it will wind up being more money than a
new machine so I would now prefer to suck it up and get the new
machine, putting it down to experience regarding the moneys already
spent. (Just one of the many steep learning curves of boat
Chuck Luecker
SM390 "Revelation"

--- In, "Ken Burnap" <notrevie@...>

I'm wondering if your machine drum froze in place and refuses to
turn by
hand - if so, I may have the fix for you.

Ken Burnap
s/v Notre Vie, sm391

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