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What size wire is your shore power feeder? Is it factory Amel or a modified system?
Mine is 4mm2 and yet there is a 32A breaker in the lazarette (as I see you have) feeding the generator/shore power transfer switch. For a 32A breaker at 230 volts, it needs to be 6mm2.
Do you use 7-kW power when on shore power?
Also, I am assuming your inverter is not in line with shore power the way Amel would have installed it. Otherwise, when on 60Hz, it will simply pass through that frequency to the 50Hz microwave.

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On Pereginus, a 53', when the inverter was installed in 2013, the bus bars in the 230V AC panel were cut and separated at the bottom two breakers: microwave and outlets.

When on shore power, the electricity goes through a Mastervolt 7KW isolation transformer, through the Amel auto transfer switch, and into the 230V AC panel, including all breakers.  If shore power is 60Hz, all the breakers get 60Hz.  

When on generator power, the electricity feeds all breakers.

When on inverter power, the electricity feeds only the bottom two breakers: microwave and outlets.

There are no switches or anything for the crew to worry about.  The inverter can be left ON or OFF at all times, if you wish, because it has an autoswitch.  Everything is automatic given any of the three above conditions.  

There is one switch, however, for use in 60 Hz countries:

If on shorepower 60 Hz and one desires to use a 50 Hz appliance such as the microwave, espresso machine, blender, iron, mixer, toaster, hair dryer, portable heater, etc., one must open the access door above the sink and turn OFF the little yellow 32A breaker located on the side of the 230V AC panel.  This kills shore power to the panel, so the inverter can feed clean 50Hz power to our 50Hz devices.  Alternatively, you could go to the aft lazarette and turn off 32A breaker where shore power first comes into the boat, but we never do that.


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