Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] problem with air conditioning


Hi Mark,

I don't want to get in a jackpot with the CLIMA guy here as
he is a good fellow. However, the head of CLIMA in Italy
was on my boat several years ago and told me, without
question, that 60 cycle power would not hurt the air
conditioner/heater. Matter of fact they put out 9000 BTU at
60 cycles because they run faster than when on 50 cycles
(8000 BTU) from the genset.

You may have shore power problems or the units may need
service/recharging with refrigerant. Get Eric to tell you
how to mount a voltmeter/cycle meter in front/ahead of your
220 volt circuit breaker board. You can then check shore
power before you energize the 220 volt panel by engaging the
master G.F.I.

The new 54 has a voltmeter now standard. By the time you
get your own 54 someday, I'm pretty sure there will be a
cycle meter as well.

All the best,
AMEL 54, HOLLIS, #14

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