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Mark Erdos


Look around the bow thruster while underway. The seals most likely need to be replaced. We had a similar issue when we were pounded in the Florida Straits. Water will accumulate in the compartment below the floor outside of the forward head. We have an alarm fitted there and it triggered the sensor (in the middle of the night). The water seeped in at the thruster and we could see the wetness around the shaft. We service the thruster while in the water per the instructions on this site. No problems since.

I’m not sure how long the seals are suppose to last. Ours lasted about 18 months. Just for safe measure we replace the seals again when we service the bow thruster at our haul out about 4 months later.

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Salt water in the bilge

On rough passages I am getting a fair amount of sali water in the bilge which collects by the forward head. Wi have plugged the hause. Where else could water enter?

Will Stout
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