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We have Santorin 004 and our headlinings were in need of replacement after about 13/14 years due to the fact that it had been in Med and tropics all its life. The foam backing had crumbled away. As we could not afford to either have it replaced commercially and felt the AMEL lining, good as it is, was rather expensive we decided to do it ourselves. We bought the fabric, glues etc. in England and put it up ourselves using the old linings as patterns. It is an unpleasant, messy, job but quite possible to get a very good finish (I'm not sure if a professional would have done better but I would have to give them the benifit of the doubt.) and we saved a great deal of money. We know other Amel owners who have also done the same as well as owners of other builders boats. We understand that 10 year old Westerly Boats have the same problem.

Otherwise we think the Santorin is fantastic.

Go for it!

Robin and Maggie Cooter,


restlessmen <> wrote:
I am in search of a SM or Santorin and I understand that after 10-12
years the ceiling foam padding deteriorates due to the heat and
requires a total replacment of the lining which Amel charges Euro
12,000 for.

Can anyone corfirm this, and from what date and build number,
particularily on the Santorin, is this no longer a problem. Presumably
Amel used a different material from then on.

Is there a cheaper fix for this ?

Are there any other maintenance issues I should be particularily aware
of while looking for a used Santorin ?

Many Thanks,

john Stonier

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