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Does your Sharki bow thruster have a locking pin to mechanically lock the bow thruster in the up position? If it does the locking of the bow thruster should squeeze the foam seal and stop water egress, unless the seals need replacement.

One other slight thing is that for many years and until very recently Amel supplied 1 natural foam donut seal for the bow thruster tube inside the boat and 2 neoprene foam donuts for outside. I believe, but cannot confirm, that if you used the natural foam outside, you may get water egress, while neoprene should not allow it. Today if you order from Amel France you will get 3 neoprene seals. Amel Caribe still has some of the sets with 1 foam seal. 

So, my suggestion to you and everyone else is: 
Be sure that you understand the difference in these foam donut seals. It is very difficult to tell the difference, but not impossible, if you have a supply of spares...separate them and group them in sets of 2:1 (neoprene:natural foam) and use them correctly. If you cannot tell the difference in your spares, order a supply of the neoprene from Amel.

If you have a locking pin, I have found that using it will eliminate water egress.


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New seals can leak....due to maladjustment of the raising lowering positions...consult Gary Silver's post about this.

It has to be RIGHT 
It is a pain in the ass to adjust, but when you change the seals you may need to adjust the up and down positions to get everything working right
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