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Hi Aras,  
              On our Supermaramu we found water in the bilge by the forward head. I assumed that this was from the bow thruster seals as it had a slightly salty taste. However, they were dry. I was puzzled for a while until I realised that shower water was trickling between the the upright edge of the shower tray where it overlapped the shower lining. 
 We slackened off the screws holding the tray in place and inserted mastic, re tightened the screws and have had no further problems.
 The reason the water had tasted slightly salty I put down to the fact that on a couple of occasions in the past 15 years we have had a slight weep from the bow thruster seals when I have delayed changing them and despite cleaning out the bilge a slight residue of salt had remained.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Preveza

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Interesting thoughts.  I had the same happened to me when coming back from Rhode Island.  I too thought it was from the chain locker.  During the passage I checked the bow thruster.  Everything appeared dry.  I replaced the seals earlier this spring.  I checked the top of thruster and saw no water / moisture in and around the area,

The head was also replaced and no water was noticed overflowing during the starboard tack.

I did sample the water and it was definitely saltwater, so it was bot not from the water tank.

This is the first time it ever happened.   Outside of replacing the seals again, what else can be done?

Sharki #163

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