Rigging Question

Ag Av8ter

Hello fellow Amel sailors,

I own a SM #266, but do not have any of the (Amel)manuals for her.

Recently when the sails are furled I can hear the rolled up mass
gently banging against the inside of both the main and mizzen
masts. I would like to know how to tighen the internal rig to make
the (I don't know the correct name) aluminum tube that the sail is
hanked to tighter to stop the banging. On the main mast Stbd side
there is a fixture that is on a slide. There is a line on it that
goes through the mast and to a winch. Is this where I get the
desired tension? What is the correct tension? How about the mizzen?

Thanks in advance for your help!

SM #266
currently at anchor, Store Bay, Tobago

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