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Patrick McAneny

Jay, I would definitely keep your rotary drive , as well as adding the linear drive , two is better than one when it comes to autopilots. Having added a linear drive to my SM ,I can say that trying to install the drive as Amel did from the factory , would be very difficult. I spent time looking at a factory install and took photos and measurements on another SM , then compared them to my boat. I realized I would need to cut out glassed in stringers , cut the tabbing and remove the seat/bed from the starboard aft stateroom . Then fabricate a new quadrant , while trying to calculate the angles and positions for both quadrant and drive unit , to allow exactly the right limits for the push and pull of the drive. I was not comfortable cutting out stringers and to have a unprofessional  finish/appearance . I build houses and do a lot of fabrication and problem solving , but I felt uncomfortable tackling the install. I was about to give up and put the L drive on Ebay . I came up with another way to install the L-drive , the install was pretty straight forward ,relatively easy and has worked fine now for over 8000 miles. I installed the unit under the port side of the bed in the storage area. You can see photos of my install in the photo section under Shenanigans. I did not have to fabricate a new  quadrant , just extend the existing one. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Good Luck,
SM Shenanigans

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Hi Bill,

Let me be more specific. I am wondering where owners mounted the linear drive or if they perhaps found a way to use the existing gear when upgrading. Right now, the autopilot motor is attached to a chain behind the console. It is controlled manually. I actually wouldn't mind finding a way to leave it as a backup.

Plenty of space for all the other items you listed.


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I do not understand your question.

There will be several components to the Raymarine pilot system:
Control head
Course computer
Rotary drive or Linear drive
Rudder reference

Then there will be other instruments such as depth, wind, chartplotter, radar, etc.

What specifically do you mean when you say, "best way to connect the Raymarine Evolution autopilot?"

BeBe 387

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Hello All,

This is my first post here. I am closing on a 1986 Amel Mango and need to replace the electronics. I am planning on buying the new Raymarine eS system and replacing the existing chain driven autopilot. Does anybody have any thoughts on the best way to connect the Raymarine Evolution autopilot?

Thank You
Jay Wagamon

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