Re: Salt water in the bilge

Aras Grinius <n33077@...>

I guess will do a short haul this spring and look again at the bow thruster. Is there a way to check tension on the bow thruster?  I do have a locking pin and it fully inserts.  I guess I should see some compression on the seals to ensure watertight integrity. 
When I ordered my seals from Amel they do mark which one is natural vs neoprene.  BTW> I'm not usre if y'all noticed but they did do a slight design modification to the prop for the thruster.  They are now 6 nylon screws vs the 4 previously.  I spun my old prop off earlier this year, so  I ordered a new one. 

My current project(s): new mainsail, and reworking the electric furlers.  I have the main and boom motors being re-wound and I am replacing the Bonfiglioli gear drives.  Incidentally, the VF44's are not really serviceable according to the manufacturer, but rather replacement items.  You can add / change oil, but that's about it. I had some help from Dave Lamberston (Maramu) and have been working on replacements.  I should get the motors back in about 2 weeks, and then I'll replace the VF 44's. 

I have a rigger coming next week to take down my jib stay and I will service the electric furler and foil once down. 

Interestingly, I'm getting good amperage across the motors, but my voltage is low.  Could this be because of the solenoids (8 V @ 35 amps)?  I'm taking this one step at a time (helps understand how these systems work). 


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