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I agree with Ann-Sofie. BTW, Wasi was the first of the series of anchors that I like to call "dragon tooth." Then came Rocna and Manson which were inspired by the Wasi Bugel. Wasi offers it in only stainless steel. They also make a stainless steel swivel for the Bugel anchor that is very good. It is called the power ball. BeBe #387 has a Wasi Bugel and a PowerBall. Every year or so, I cut the first two links off of the galvanized chain because of the galvanic reaction between stainless steel and galvanized steel. Regarding the chain issue, it seems to me that if the Santorin came with 8mm, changing to 10mm is problematic because of several issues: The hp of the windlass may not be enough, you will be adding weight to the bow, and the windlass gypsy will have to be changed to match 10mm. If Amel originally specified 8mm, I would buy high quality 8mm galvanized chain and NOT from China.

One additional point. You did not say where you are located, but I suspect somewhere in Europe, possibly the Med. If so you, will find off-brand copies of the Wasi Bugel in Galvanized Steel. I would probably buy one of these.

Most of the people I know who have bought over-sized anchors and/or bought oversized chain did so in an attempt to overcome their faulty anchoring techniques. Of course, some do it out of a desire to be extra safe. I do not know of a single situation where it was safer than having a good (preferably "dragon tooth" type anchor), correctly sized anchor and chain, correct anchoring technique including correct scope of 5:1, or greater.

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Because they are selling it? Wasi is in the same family as Rocna, Manson and Spade. We have a Rocna but I think that anyone in that family would be good. Google and check prices, is my advice.

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Hi thanks a lot to all of you - very helpfull. From Amel yard I got the information that the original chaine size for the Santorin was 8mm Why do you change to 10mm size - really necessary?

Also they recommand the Wasi anchor - what do you think about that?

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