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I had to replace mine three or four years ago.

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We are having issues with our Link10 battery monitor.


We have reset and re-programmed the unit a number of times trying to fix this issue over the past few months. We are certain it is programmed correctly. The unit did work correctly and reset itself after charging up until about 6 months ago.


The unit is not measuring an accurate flow of amps going into or out of the battery bank. It is off by a factor of about 5 amps. Example: We are on a mooring buoy and the unit reads 5 A (positive) as our current load. We know we are using about 5-6 amps right now. The number should be negative. We have no chargers running. If we turn off everything DC with the large red battery handles, it will read 10 A indicating we are putting 10 amps into the battery. Because the unit is not correctly measuring the amp flow, it is not counting down or resetting when charged.


Has anyone else had issues with this that can give some pointers of things to check? Do these go bad?





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