Re: Headlining alternatives

Alejandro Paquin

Deb good morning,
Yes changing the liner is hell.
I used a good quality liner (no foam) on the ceiling, but instead of gluing it, we first installed thin strips of wood to the ceiling (using glue) in the direction of the boat´s length and not too close together (about 1m apart or more) and then we stretched and stapled the material on to the wood strips, and then covered the staples with the original Amel wood trimming. It just takes some planning to make sure you don´t end up with too many of these trimmings. It worked well for me. So the vinyl is actually "floating" over the fiberglass, which is also a very irregular surface and would show through the fabric, that is why they used the foam type.  However we did glue down the bulkheads, fuel tank and vertical surfaces because it is less of a problem there.
I´ll try posting some pictures if I find them.

Alex Paquin
Amel Older Maramu 1981
Hull #94

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