Re: Rigging Question slapping wires

Golden Daze \(Ken & Judy\) <goldendaze@...>

we just removed painted rebearinged and rerigged our main on maramu 192.
(1985, 20 yr old rigging)
also rebuilt motors and worm drives and rewired. both our masts made lots
of noise. since the top on our masts are open to elements we pulled up a
scotch guard pad (used for sanding, but will let water pass through) on a
seperate messenger line ( with knots and wire ties) up the wire channel to
shut it the __ up. it is now quiet. we now have the mizzen off and are
redoing all and will even put a pad up the halyard channel to shut it up as
well. its not like it goes up and down all that much. i expect this mast
deal to last me and someone else the rest of our lives. removal of forestay
from the extrusion has been a big deal and pictures and details will follow
for maramu owners who are thinking of rerigging. we can tell you lots of
stuff not to do.

ken coats and judy golden
sv golden daze
maramu 192

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