Stuffing box

thomas.kleman <no_reply@...>

I own L'ORIENT, SM2K #422, currently in Bonaire. I have a very slow drip from the stuffing box that increases somewhat in sailing conditions. I have read every post twice regarding this topic and hope the "old salts" can shed some light on this. My nylon nut under the quadrant is secured in place by a siezing plate (two screws) so a small tightening turn would involve re-siting this plate. I'm due for a haulout in about 6 months. 

My inclination is to give it a small tightening turn and see if that improves things. My understanding is that with some finesse, this maneuver can be done without removing the quadrant and attachments. Can someone suggest a grease or materials used in repacking this if/when it comes to that ? If a better approach exists I'm all ears. I'm aware that a lot of things get broken on boats when over-reacting to small problems. Thanks.

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