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Mark Erdos



I can help partially.


To remove the motor take out the four bolts you loosened to slide it down (when operating manually). The gears will drop down from the furler and you can set the motor on the cabin top.


The wiring is connected inside the forward head. Remove the cover to the area of the watertight bulked at the cabin top inside the head. There are four solenoid things there. Two are for the outhaul and two for the furling. The four are wired into two pairs. Disconnect the appropriate wires and pull them up from the top keeping them attached to the motor.



Once the motor and gears are removed from inside the mast; to remove the gearbox from the motor, there are screws holding the gearbox on. I do not recall if it is 2 or 4 screws. Once remove, it takes some oomph to separate the motor and gearbox. Nothing else holds these two components together. I remember having to tug really hard.


Sorry this is not much help. I replace our motor and gears about 3 year ago. I wish I had made better notes.


We must have just missed you in Hampton.




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Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.
We just completed passage to the BVIs from Hampton, VA. and while the passage was not uneventful, it worked out well for us and our crew.
Today, however, the main sail furled out about 20% and stopped. Then, no more movement. Clicking at the helm and at the motor, and the breaker is not tripped.
I dropped the motor down, furled the sail manually and had a pretty good jib and jigger run down the Sir Francis Drake channel for a while :)

I am, however, without internet so am wondering if someone could coach me through removal of the motor and disassembly from the gearbox.

I have it down from the mast, but I don't see an obvious way to detach it from the wiring. I pulled the brushes (they are worn, but not excessively) and have removed several screws, nuts and bolts but it doesn't seem to want to disassemble from either end.

Advice is certainly appreciated. As soon as I can get it freed from its wiring I'll run it to a rebuilder.

Thanks in advance,

Gary W
S/V Adagio, SM 209
Tortola, BVI

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