Re: SM 209 Main Furler

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Hi Gary:  A little basic trouble shooting with a multimeter may save you some time and effort.  Do be cautious working around the solenoids as they have large current carrying capacity and you can weld things together very easily.  Turn off the breakers to all the furling solenoids before attempting to remove wires.  

Using your multimeter, verify that you have voltage at the solenoids (contractor)  when the switch is activated at the helm.  If you have voltage there then another common problem at the motor is a dirty commutator.  Upon disassembly of the motor, use some very fine sand paper to clean up the commutator to a shiny bright copper color.  Also, another common motor problem is a broken magnet that can jam in the housing. 

Just some thoughts, 

Gary Silver 
s/v Liahona   Amel SM 2000   Puerto Rico

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