Re: "Must Have" spares and preparations

joseph mc donnell

Hi Eamonn
 Just to give some info on my experience with  anchors and outboard engines this year in Sicily and Croatia.  As to anchors, The CQR worked fine in the mud at Siracusa, Sicily and that was it.  When it came to rock, grass and sand in Croatia, it was usless. We were never happy at anchor.  We are now looking at the Rocna, Delta and Brugel as a main anchor. but don't get rid of the CQR.  As to the the choice of outboard, we coped quite well with a 3.5 tohatsu 2 stroke, on our 11ft inflatable tender. We had up to 5 people on board in and around the islands of Croatia during the summer and it was well up to the job. Even when we were up S..t creek, when the cam shaft driven water pump key ringed and left me without an engine, it pushed our Santorin along for 2 miles, slowly but without a problem.  A small well maintained  2 stroke engine is a joy when cruising. 
Joe in Dublin for the winter.                   

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