Corian Countertops


We are taking delivery on Dec. 9, '02 and are trying to piece
together our final wish, I mean options, list. Does anyone have an
opinion about the Corian option for the galley countertops? Joel has
made a pretty hard sell (one of the few...) and we are a little
reluctant because of some homeowner friends who have had problems
with staining and scratches. Why would Amel offer an inferior option
when they have the trendy "retro" goldenrod sink and classic Johnson
& Johnson Bandaid brown gelcoat?

Is there a down side to the corian tops and white sink?

Is the warm water cockpit shower helpful?

Thanks for the replies, its great to see the site up and running with
some very good input.

Chuck, Tabitha, Joshua(10), Ariella(9), & August(8) Luecker

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