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I just came across your diatribe.
Although you decided it should not be answered, I will do it.
I will do it because I really want to congratulate you for being a great physician who makes science progress.
It is indeed completely new that salted water, even more when hot and added with washing product containing soda, does not do any harm and corrosion to metals (including non stainless).
Up to now, it is not what we can notice on our boats where we have to chase corrosion everywhere. You really deserve a Nobel Prize for that.
Unfortunately, I am not sure your theory is based on experience you have made while performing a real test with your own boat’s washing machine.
So, things are two folds: either you have performed the test on your own machine, or,
otherwise, we are obliged to consider that you are merely a spokesman for Dessalator!! And as poor a scientist as Wagner, the liar and thief.

Please read the numerous messages on this forum saying the same thing
and stick to facts and figures, all the rest is fuss and useless!

“Blue Marine”
SM 311

P.S. I have got pictures of the damaged parts….and invoices.


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