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Thank you all for the feedback. It has made me step back and reassess things, though I will likely move forward. I am not buying a boat as an investment that I expect a return on. I have flipped boats for profit in the past but I see this as a my "forever" boat. I actually want a boat that has been thoroughly upgraded and I know a full history.

If I decide to move forward, I will keep a detailed cost breakdown and happily share it with the group.


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I've done plenty of work on my 1981 Maramu in the last 4 years, Engine and engine room, transmission, new shaft, fitted a water maker, new cutlass bearing, prop, fridge, furnishings, cooker, headlining, partial wiring, new electronics etc. A previous owner replaced all the deck gear with Harken and added new sails plus other jobs like anchor winch.


I can see your thinking and appreciate the satisfaction of doing something up - but this really does look like a mistake in the making and you should keep looking for your project boat.


Best wishes

John Maramu #91, 1981 Popeye

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