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I am overwhelmed with the advice, great stuff.  I never heard of racor filters or antal car and did not know I should vacuum pack spares, etc.

I considered adding a folding bicycle but am stunned by the spares list from Alexandre, including 14 spare tubes & 6 tires?  Was your bike on deck the whole time?

I am taking all the advice on board, including the sensible get to know the boat better in local waters for some of the improvements I was thinking of.  Also now I am questioning the wisdom of fresh water for the chain; just leave the sea water to do the work.  I might add a second cockpit water connection instead with a longer hose than the deck shower for cleaning the deck ... a much cheaper option.

My plans are in 2016 to move the boat from St Raphael to somewhere else in the Mediterranean, and take 2 months (May & June) time out for that.  Besides a few weeks more in 2016, my real plans start in 2017 where I intend to live aboard for 4 to 6 months every year for the foreseeable future (10+ years).  2018 should see us around Ireland/Scotland and probably also cross the Atlantic from the Canaries via the Cape Verde islands later the same year.  Depending on how well that goes, maybe return to Europe after a season in the Caribbean or start a slow odyssey across the Pacific, maybe even living longer per year aboard.  Adding a SCUBA compressor before the Caribbean is also on the list.

I am still in 2 minds about replacing what appears to be good standing rigging, but yes if it should be done while I am the boat custodian then rather sooner than later.  I'll think about it for a year.

I printed out the 7 pages and am going through every suggestion in detail, and learning a lot along the way.  Many thanks for dedicating some time to guide me.  I hope to be able to repay it some day!

By the way, I have 80m chain that is 10mm, plus another 8m 10mm chain for the second anchor.  I'll keep the CQR as a stern anchor when necessary.  And I'll probably not buy a storm sail; a bit of genoa and mizzen should do it from the safety of the cockpit.

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