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The risk  of anaerobic crevise corrosion of stainless steel where water collects in the lower swages is one of the reasons to consider re rigging at that age. It must be at least at the very end of its working life and I believe many insurance companies would specify the standing rigging should be younger. If you can find a good rigger somewhere on your planned route and fit that in your cruise schedule sooner rather than later do it. Otherwise very careful inspections (difficult to check the forestay) and worrying when the Mistral blows....


We sailed from along the French Med coast a few years ago on our way from Greece to the UK and absolutely loved it. I recon you are already in one of the best cruising areas in the world. I am very envious as we didn't see much of Corsica and missed Sardinia so need to come back. I also used to live in the Outer Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland and there's a lot to be said for Med weather! Unless you are a particular fan of hill walking and malt whisky don't be in too much of a rush:)


A large economic (but bleak) place to keep a boat was Port St Louis. Maybe consider it if you need to leave the boat over winter in that area.


I also have my old CQR as a second anchor but I am a fan of an aluminium Fortress as a kedge as it is light enough to handle in a dinghy.


A plotter screen easily viewable in sunlight at the helm is invaluable. You have lots of options. An Ipad with Navionics is great and really cheap solution if you already have an Ipad. A more permanent dedicated plotter is better. One with an inbuilt aerial is really easy to fit, or go more complicated with integrated instruments. The Maxsea great for the chart table. A weather proof computer at the helm linked to your computer would probably work out more expensive and less usable.


I didn't think small 2 strokes are still available new in Europe but if you can find one I don't think you can go wrong with a small Yamaha. 


Storm sails are notorious for never being used. For bad weather insurance a drogue is definately worth considering though. 


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